About scholarship

Selection is concluded. Scholarship Awarded Participants.

All the candidates (including scholarship applicants) must register here.

If you will apply the scholarship, please prepare the following items by the end of April 15th of May.
The scholarship includes round trip ticket, 7-night accommodation and the fee.
1. CV
2. Certification of the graduation. (for your all career)*
3. .Transcript with student's records. (for your all career)*
4. Certification for English ability (Score of TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC)*
5. Recommendations by two responsible persons*
*Please attach the scanned original documents to email to yasuda@kaiyodai.ac.jp for the selection and bring the originals if accepted.
The result will be informed to the applicant by e-mail by 15th May 20th of May.