Tentative Schedule in 2014


  28-Jul 29-Jul Jul.30 31-Jul Aug. 01 Aug. 02
                           Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday
0830-0950 Introduction Class B-1 Class B-4 Class C-1 Class C-5 Introduction of  System Design
0950-1010 Break Break Break Break Break Continued to Group Discussion
1010-1130 Class A-1 Class B-2 Class B-5 Class C-2 Class C-6  
1130-1230 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 
1230-1350 Class A-2 Class B-3 1230-1300  Indoor-Positioning SDR Practice Group
  What is AIS? Discussions
1350-1410 Break Break 1300-1310 Break Break Break Break
1410-1530 Class A-3 JAXA Activities + Intro. of QZSS  1310-1420  Class C-3 UAV Application  Workshop coordinated  
Port Cruise Demo G-I   by Dr. T. Ebinuma
RTKLIB Practice G-II ‘Closing’
Port Cruise Demo G-II   
1530-1550 Break Break RTKLIB Practice G-I Break Break  
1550-1710 Spirent demo MADOCA-PPP Class B-6 Class C-4 UAV-Demo.  
1650-1750 Self  Demo and PPP Practice   @Play Ground  
1800-2000 Welcome Party   1 class=80’   1730-1930 Farewell party  
  Instruc-tors Introduction Dr. Akio Yasuda System Design Dr. Naohiko Kohtake
  Class-A Dr. Nobuaki Kubo and Group Discussions Mr. Hiroaki Tateshita
  Class-B Mr. Tomoji Takasu    
  Dr. Harumasa Hojo
  Class-C Dr. Toshiaki Tsujii    
Dr. Taro Suzuki