Introduction to GNSS(1st Day)

A-I. Introduction (by Dr. A. Yasuda)
1. History of radio navigation
2. What is GNSS?
3. Global evolution of GNSSs

A-II. Basics of GNSS (Dr. N. Kubo)
1. Description of satellite orbits, coordinates transformation, and time systems
2. GNSS observables
3. GNSS errors (Atmosphere, ionosphere multipath, satellite clock and orbit)
4. Calculating position and DOP
5. Basic of GNSS receiver

Positioning Algorithm and RTKLIB(2nd & 3rd Days)

B-I. Theory of GNSS precise positioning (by Mr. T. Takasu)
Carrier-phase-based positioning with GNSS
Real-time kinematic (RTK) and network RTK (NRTK)
Precise point positioning (PPP)
Precise orbit and clock determination of GNSS satellites
Application of GNSS precise positioning.

B-II. Usage of RTKLIB

Program structure, AP functionality, usages of API.
2. Models and algorithms involved in RTKLIB
The Second half of the Third day (by Dr. H. Hojo)
B-III. Field Practice of GNSS data analysis with RTKLIB


GNSS Signal and Receiver (4th & 5th Days)

The Fourth day
C-I. Introduction into GNSS signals. (by Dr. T. Tsujii)
1. Spread-spectrum concept and benefits for GNSS.
2. GNSS frequencies and their specifics with regard to radio signal propagation.
3. Code and carrier generation in GNSS transmitters and simulators.
4. GNSS navigation messages.
6. Signal generation using GNSS simulator.  

C-II. Receiver design and INS integration.

1. Main components and their functions.
Antenna / RF front end / baseband processor / navigation processor.
2. Baseband processor in detail.
Operation of baseband processor: Acquisition / Operation of baseband processor: Code and carrier tracking loops / Reading navigation message.
3.GPS and INS integration.
INS integration / Ionospheric Scintillation effect on GPS / GPS/INS tracking under scintillation environment.
The fifth day

C-III. SDR (by Dr. T. Suzuki)
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, Compass, particulars and comparison.
Practice to operate real-time software receiver 

The 6th day

System Design Practice (by Dr. N. Kohtake)
Workshop, Group Discussions (Organized by Mr. H. Tateshita)


RTKLIB Demonstration on board in Tokyo Bay (TUMSAT)
IMES Demo (Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems)
Quasi-Zenith Satellite Reception Demo (JAXA )
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Demo (Air 4D)