Outline of International Summer School

Summer School_appeal_2014.pdf

Summer School_2014_report

Period : 2014/07/28-08/02
Place : Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), Japan
Organized by The Institute of Positioning, Navigation and Timing of Japan
Co‐organized by Faculty of Marine Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Attendees : Japanese and foreign students with post graduate level & young engineers and instructors who are teaching GNSS in their own countries.
Number of participants : 40
Language : English

Scholarship : Selection is concluded.  Scholarship Awarded Participants.

Fee : 60,000JPY, (20,000JPY for students and academics).
Supported by : MGA(Multi-GNSS Asia), GESTISS (Geospatial and Space Technology Consortium for Innovative Social Service)

Important dates

Deadline of Scholarship Application : 15th April

Deadline of attending Summer School, you must register online by June 10, 2014.


Supporting companies and organization            


aisan            PASCO

Cooperating companies and organization            

JAXA                JRC

HITACHI         Air 4D